Linda McClanahan

Our pastor joined us almost five years ago. Linda is warm, friendly, and welcoming.  Above all, Linda demonstrates her faith in Jesus Christ through devotion to her calling.  Linda grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Education.  After teaching a short time, Linda moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Not leaving teaching behind, our pastor taught new bank tellers how to perform their job.  This is also where Linda met her husband, Steve.  After 8 years and two children, Robert and Susan, they left Albuquerque and made the move back to Finnytown, Ohio, a suberb of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The church they were attending was offering lay pastor training to provide support for small churches that needed a pastor for  limited amounts of time.  Linda enrolled in the program, however in a year she decided then that she was prepared to give more than just being a lay pastor.  A college in Louisville, Kentucky was holding and open house so she decided to attend.  Linda thought she had a couple of things that might hinder her enrollment.  She had been out of college for a while now and she was also a woman.   To her suprise, many of the people attending the open house were older students as well as women.  Upon graduation in 1994, Linda served first at a church in Evansville, Indiana.  From there she migrated to Sycamore, Ohio, another suburb of Cincinnati, Galaway, Ohio near Columbus and back to Syacamore.  Looking for her own church, Linda, who now lived in Milford, Ohio, spent a Sunday visiting our church.  As quoted often, "The Lord will provide", so it was for us.  We were without a pastor and were in need of Linda.  From the beginning of this relationship we became a stronger family in Christ.  

Music Director

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones is the music director at Christ Presbyterian Church.  She is also the assistant band director at Loveland High School and has her own music studio in Loveland where she teaches woodwind instruments.

Becky holds a Bachelor of Music from Northern Kentucky University, where she studied with Rebecca Andres and has studied graduate level music education at Boston University. 

Becky has taught instrumental vocal and general music throughout the Cincinnati area for 35 years.  Most recently she has performed at The Evergreen Center for the Arts, as guest soloist with the Loveland High School symphonic band, at Montreat music center in North Carolina, many local area community theater Festival of Faiths.  Becky also serves on the board of directors of the Clermont County Junior Fair Board, Wildwood church camp, Camp Graham 4H camp and NKU music alumni.

Becky lives in Lovelans with her husband Doug and of course her dog Louie!  In what is left of her spare time she is at the family farm with her herd of dairy goats.