Our Mission Statement
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Christ Church exists to shine Christ's light throughout our community and make a difference in the world

Our Vision

We invision ourselves as a mosaic of believers who piece together people of various ages, needs and abilities.

  • We will engage in honest conversations to strengthen your faith walk.
  • You will find a community and support as you strengthen your faith in Christ.
  • You will be nurtured and taught as you develop a personal relationship with Christ.
  • You will be encouraged to express your gifts for God.

At Christ Church you will experience;

  • Celebrations of God through the arts
  • A prayerful community of welcoming believers
  • Inspiring worship
  • Prayerful and thoughtful study of the Word
  • Local and global Mission work


Our Values

We will be a church known for

  • Proclaming the Word of God through the community, the congregation and the Kingdom of God
  • Demonstrating the saving love of Christ
  • Sharing the Spirit for evangelism
  • Nurturing faith and bringing people "home"
  • Invoking the Spirit in all we do through prayer