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 You have found the Presbyterian Church in Milford, located on the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio.

    We are a lively group of Christians who express our faith as Presbyteians,

     a great heritage that we would be happy to share with you and your family.  

         Come and see!

Our Mission Statement~
In love, we share our journey to Christ with all through inspiring worship, studying the Word, embracing mission, nurturing the spirit, and providing services and support to our congregation and community.
During this pandemic from the covid virus the church is meeting on zoom.
Contact us here if you would like to join us for worship every Sunday morning at 10:30

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This congregation is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Our church is part of the great Protestant Reformation of the 1500's in Europe. Faithful Christians brought those beliefs to this country and there are Presbyterian Churches all over the globe.

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Are you curious about the Bible? and what it might mean for you?

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The Bible is God's word to us. Scripture is our guide for faith and life.

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